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Originally Posted by alexfr View Post
The reason for my post is quite simple, I am on the hunt for one of the old school alternate jerseys from 95-96. If you are unsure of which one I mean, its the best rated jersey in the below link

I have scoured jersey sites on the internet in hopes of finding one to buy but havent had any success. Id love to have a Lemieux one but cant find them anywhere. Does anyone have some insight on where you can get these still or am I reduced to buying a game worn one?
Depending on your size, I found 3 on Ebay in a few seconds....

The firrst one is a size 52, the second one is a size 56, and the third one is a size 48. Despite being authentics they all seem overpriced as hell, especially for that jersey and it's design. Yuck.

But yeah, as with any other jersey on Ebay I'd be weary whether it's 100% legit or a fake. Especially for those prices. With that said though, in the past I've dealt with the Ebay seller that is selling the first two jerseys that I linked you to. I bought my "Final Game At Mellon Arena" aluminum ticket from them and had no issues. So odds are they are indeed selling a true authentic. I don't know how trustworthy that locker_room_sports Ebay seller is but considering their positive feedback rating is 99.8% you should be ok.

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