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01-23-2013, 06:53 AM
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Originally Posted by JonnyMacSen View Post
Murray doesn't seem to draft Finn's either.
From 1995-2010, there were exactly 4200 draft picks (weird that it was a round number like that). Of those 4200 picks, 216 were from Finland. That means, in that time period, roughly 5% of players drafted were Finnish.

Murray has drafted the following Fins in that time period:
- Janne Pesonen
- Juha Alen
- Ville Mantymaa
- Joonas Vihko
- Janis Sprukts
- Niklas Hagman

So if we do the math, 6 players out of 216. An equal share (216 divided by 30 teams) of Finnish players drafted from that 216 would be ~7 players, so Murray's a little behind with 6, though not that far off the average.

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