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01-23-2013, 07:00 AM
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Originally Posted by SwissGrog View Post
For all the curious: Nino's agent, Andy Rufener, confirms that it was his idea to ask for a trade, convincing Nino it was the best for his development. He says it takes full responsibility on eventual fall-out but that he has to do the right thing for Nino. He doesn't see a future for Nino with this GM and this Coach.

Full interview with the agent (in german):
I tried to translate it for you guys. Hope it helps you in any way, since I guess it's pretty terrible

"Nino has to go to a team that believes in him"

Don't you think that you are risking too much while asking for a trade of Nino Niederreiter?
No, I'm not risking anything at all. Nino Niederreiter is the top scorer of the farm team and doesn't get a chance in the NHL. Last season he never got a chance, too, and literally wasted away in his 3rd and 4th line role. He has nothing to lose on Long Island, it can’t get any worse. I would never ask for a trade if there still was something to lose.

Was it your idea to ask for a trade or Nino’s?
It was solely my idea and I have told Nino how I will proceed and that I will take over all responsibility for this. It’s not rushed at all. I thought about this for a long time and and gathered different opinions towards this topic.

So you can’t see any chances for Nino Niederreiter with the Islanders?
To be honest: Not with this GM and not with this headcoach.

So one can understand this as a cry for help?
Yes, if you want to call it that way. Now every NHL franchise knows that there is a chanceless 1st round draft pick that wants to leave.

Are there any reactions?
Yes. And many agree with me.

You had a comparable, but not as dramatic situation with Luca Sbisa. Sbisa too got relegated to the farm team, even though he was way too good for that. But you didn’t do anything back then.
This situation was different: I knew that the problem was Randy Carlyle, whose time was basically up with Anaheim. Luca Sbisa was highly regarded by the GM and we simply had to wait, until Carlyle was fired.

What are you going to do now?
We’ll see. I’ll have some tough negotiations with GM Garth Snow when Nino’s contract is over in two years, anyway. I want Nino Niederreiter on a team, that believes in him and that gives him a chance. It doesn’t matter if this team is the New York Islanders or a different team.

Be honest: You hope that you will have to negotiate with the successor of Garth Snow.
It was you who said that, not me.

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