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01-23-2013, 07:42 AM
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I played too little (100+ games) to have a favorite hero or even a favorite role. Obviously, supports are a bit easier and hard carries are harder, because of the difference in the amount of last hitting that the player has to do with them.

I hate to play against good counter pushers, especially Tinker and Phantom Lancer. Tink can cast E a few times, tp home, ult, then go and push another lane. This cycle takes less than a minute. But a farmed PL can just repeatedly send a few illusions to any lane while continuing his jungle farming. If left unchecked, then pure illusions will wreck your towers all the way to the rax.

Magnus can also be a huge problem in pubs of my skill level, because players tend to group early and initiate 5v5. And if he gets blink and doesn't constantly miss with skewer, then his team basically gets an enhanced version of Venge's ult.

And Dark Seer's Vacuum+Wall combo is a team killer. An obvious choice for an easy win in the Rosh pit.

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