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01-23-2013, 07:43 AM
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Yep I love seeing that gap control. If the defense could stay two stick lengths away they can control what players do with the puck and maybe even read the pass and pick it off before it even gets to them.

The aggression from the defensemen is something that I think works on 80% of the ice. I didn't like Orpik stepping up to make a hit at the offensive zone blue line in the Flyers game. Basic hockey tells the winger to get that puck just inside the blue line and just chip it past the defensemen so that the center can go and get it. Most teams will use that as a lure. The Flyers have been doing that and making that chip to center ice cince the CEC opened. Even if there is numbers back, a huge hit made in that area does nothing. I hated that step up by a defensemen on the Volek goal and I hated seeing that again on Sat.

All in all its been two games against 2 teams with contrasting styles. IMO good hockey is when and how a team expands and when and how they collapse. Have a system in place but know when to play the long game and when to play the short game. I think they looked pretty bad against the Flyers but maybe winning when you shouldn't is a sign.

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