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01-23-2013, 07:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Beechsack View Post
Kessel and most of his teammates will become less likely to skate near the crease if they know that if they touch Miller by doing so, they'll get pummeled. This gives Miller more room to operate, and in turn gives the team a better chance to win.

Contrary to popular opinion, most hockey players don't like getting beat up. Will getting jumped by Kaleta stop a guy like Hartnell? Not likely. But it sure as hell will have a skill guy like Kessel thinking twice about getting that close.

This fluffy, Hello Kitty Island Adventure world you live in is how the Sabres GOT their reputation for being soft, and other teams took advantage of it. Being tough is part of the psychology of the game. Not goonery for the sake of goonery, but standing up and imposing your will on your opponent. If you change THEIR game, you can play YOUR game better.

Passive, just take the power play hockey is ***** hockey, and will never take you far.
It's a lot like the Gretzky/Semenko dynamic - Could you hit Gretzky? Sure, you COULD... Are you gonna do it more than once? Not likely after Semenko gave you a bit discouragement (ie; ragdolled & beat you). Opponents almost always pulled up when going after Gretzky once it was understood that knocking him down was not worth the consequences to follow.

Other players in the league need to understand that physicality/contact on Miller or Jhonas will not be tolerated at all. Eventually that bubble around the blue paint will grow, and in turn Ryan has more room to maneuver, and better sight lines = more saves.

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