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01-23-2013, 07:44 AM
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Originally Posted by EverettMike View Post
Saying people only "hate him" because it is "cool" is dismissive. There are plenty of smart, intelligent people on this board that really dislike him.

I don't like him. I defend him sometimes too though because I don't think he is evil, and I do think that following the Thornton trade he deserves credit for getting his **** together.

But you'll never see me get heated about it.
I didn't say that was the only reason I listed 3 and I am sure there are more. I said some are brought up to hate him, some hold a grudge from years ago and some think its cool please don't say I am only saying its cool to hate him I am not.

I also didn't say you were not smart if you hate him to each their own it has nothing to do with intelligence please don't imply I am saying that.

I am not heated about anything I am more then happy to talk about his business choices and his choices in running the team. As far as parking I have yet to hear a single good argument that say's he is doing anything worse then Kraft or any other sports owner out there that also owns the parking or even private owners that jack up prices during sporting events.

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