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Originally Posted by ReggieMoto View Post
I don't get the fan-love over someone with as little success in the NHL as Bourque has had. And to set high NHL performance expectations due to some success in the AHL especially for a relatively non-exceptional player is probably a bit over the top.

Take a look at his NHL stats: Chris Bourque's Stats on Hockey DB. Over an 8 year career he's appeared in 35 NHL games, 1 goal, 3 assists. And this is the guy who's being compared to Krejci and Peverley, and taking shootouts and quarterbacking PPs?

He's had plenty of shots with plenty of big clubs and he never sticks. There's a reason for that. I get that he's Ray's son, but really that's about it. He'll get his shot with the Bs because he is Ray Bourque's son, but players like him are a dime a dozen and this is very likely his last chance at sticking in the NHL. At the end of the day his stats and history in the league show he's an AHL journeyman who may get occasional trips to the NHL. It's probably best to temper expectations regarding his tenure with the Bruins.

This is apropos to the discussion: hope for the best, expect the worst.
Never count out someone who realizes this is his chance to fulfill a dream. This could be what's driving Bourque to actually bust his a** a little more than in previous seasons to make an impact in the NHL. I also think there is something in the kids DNA that has him fighting harder and working harder due to the logo on his sweater and the name on that very same sweater and in the rafters. You don't think Ray talked to him once the deal was made about what he needs to do?

2 games into this 48 game season and he has done nothing to ruin this teams winning chances. His shootout chance was suprising to me but he had moves so why complain? If he lifted the puck a little more on the backhand attempt it would have gone in and sealed the game. The PP time he's seen is fine. People are complaining becuase Seguin had less TOI for the PP. Do you Seguin, Krecji, Lucic and Horton can all be on the ice for the entire game in ALL situations? C'mon lets be realistic here. Claude sees that Chris has success in Prov. with their PP so why not give him a shot to re-energize this PP unit and sit Seguin, Lucic and Krecji so they can get a .30 second breather.

How many times does it need to be said to all you "nay-sayers" IT'S 2 GAMES INTO THE SEASON!

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