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01-23-2013, 08:24 AM
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Originally Posted by PricePkPatch View Post
I don't mind White doing stupid things like that after what appeared (and I still think was) very questionable hit on Gorges.

It's White's job to wail at opponents taking cheap shots at us. He stood up for Subban last year, and I am happy he stood up for Gorges yesterday.

It's not a bad idea to let other teams know some of our people aren't above wailing on them if they pull dangerous tricks.
Gorges got up. I like White and what he brings. If it was Steve Ott, or Brian Campbell I'd probably be more understanding. However, I can't recall Flesichmann doing anything that crosses the line.

Originally Posted by Domhnall Dubh View Post
Fleischmann shouldn't get a free pass just because he is a *****. He threw a dangerous hit on Gorges and paid the consequences.
So, if a habs player throws a dangerous hit and someone grabs him and starts beating him that's fine ?

Originally Posted by Montreal4Life View Post
Yes, Laracque was very successful at doing this for the Habs!
Other teams will just respond in kind.

Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Yeah, I think he was a bit too "enthusiastic". I think Therrien was happy about it in a way but unhappy about the 2 and 5. They are trying to change the culture from the JM "turn the other cheek" to standing up for teammates, that was sort of a side effect.
I love that mentality, but to go and do something like that is just asking for one of the non fighters on this team to get their head pounded in.

Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
I got no problem with what White did, that is his job. You take liberties and your right to refusal goes away. You don't get to use " but I'm a good guy" excuse.

Although fleischmann is a pretty stand up guy, there are already tons of players who think they can do what they want with impunity and not have to answer the bell. If fleischmann had run price would you have a problem if white did the same thing? What I don't like is Dineen implying that white was a spot picker, I've seen enough of white that he does that no matter who runs gorges from behind.
White did it last year against Minnesota and Veilleux

Ryan Malone did it to Emelin for Emelin's hit (interferenece hit) and I highly doubt people on here were going "Yeah,Malone did right. Emelin deserved it"

When our player does it, people think it's right. When it happens to us, it's wrong...

Fast forward to the 35 second mark to see White. I guess this explains what he did

I have no problem with habs players standing up for one another, but to just go attack someone is just asking for it to be returned back to us.

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