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01-23-2013, 08:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Personally I don't put much weight in the first 2 weeks in terms of the quality of team we have. I'm sure we will have another game within 10 days that the "tankers" will say "see we're a lottery team already, may as well sell, sell, sell". At this point I just hope we have at least 6-7 points after 8 games and are still in the "pack" for 5-8. THEN we can see what we really have, and hopefully Subban is back by then. Last night's game and performance by the defense surely must help MB's case.
Watch our team, but also note the teams around us. We've seen Toronto and Florida now, and to my eye, those are not good teams on paper (nor yet on the ice) either. Our lineup doesn't look strong. But we are not alone in this Eastern Conference, not by a long shot. And we have Carey Price. (The goalie, not you! ).

"On paper", there are actually a number of dubious looking teams in the East this year. I've watched the Jets a couple times now. Not the Isles, but their team "on paper" pretty much speaks for itself. The Devils are paper thin behind their top few players, even though they usually play a lot better than their paper value. Sens have their big stars, but not much else and not the sure-bet goaltending either, Canes are starting off with some troubles. Maybe some other teams will stumble too in a short season... right now that is Washington and Philly, perhaps, but there isn't a lot of time to recover from a stumble, watch out if any of that sustains.

A hard-working Habs team with the defense playing the way it did and Carey Price shouldn't be worse than all of these teams. Not better than all of them either. But there really should be "No Excuses" for a lottery pick this year. (Well, where "lottery pick" needs to be replaced by "top-5 pick", given all picks non-playoff picks are now eligible for #1 overall).

I may not be optimistic, in general, but the Conference looks pretty weak to me so far, and a playoff spot ought to be ripe for the picking for whichever of these teams gets their act together in a compressed timescale.

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