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Originally Posted by drunksuperhero View Post
so much talk over system is funny. sad really. no system in the world would make this bunch of heartless, soft, overpaid and extremely overrated group of players any good as a team. ovechkin is terrible, TERRIBLE and he makes $10m - LOL!!! marcus f'ing johansson, a garbage player, is masquerading as a 1st liner. ribeiro is a giant crybaby and soft bidge. his linemate is a min wage turd. the bottom 6 wouldnt know grit if it spat up from the road and hit them in the face. the defense is among the softest and worst in the league at actually playing defense. holtby might be good someday but now he's just LOLTBY.

this is a bad, bad, bad team. poorly constructed and it shows every single period. outscored by 6 goals by 2 non-playoff teams, hahaha. wow.
Funny, this is the same team that hunter had minus a heartless winger and a terrible D man and he seemed to get them playing a great team defensive system. Brooks said it himself

It's not all on Oates, cause he needs time but his system doesn't seem like anything right now

It's just when you saw us play under Hunter, you knew how we played, we're gonna play, you knew what the positions were and can almost predict the scheme.

Here everyone just looks lost and is just out of position and just doing whatever

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