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01-23-2013, 08:31 AM
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Originally Posted by detredWINgs View Post
Whenever I hear that an underperforming player is demanding a trade because he is "unhappy" with the situation, the ice time, etc, all I hear is "I refuse to take responsibility for my lackluster play and instead place the blame squarely on my team and organization."

As if that weren't enough, there is absolutely no point in trading valuable prospects like Tatar and Nyquist for unproven forwards. If we're open to trading the cream of our prospect crop, it needs to be for a proven defenseman.
I definitely agree with your 2nd point.

I think some blame has to fall on NYI, though. He was good enough last year to be on the team for the majority of the season (or was he?), despite his numbers being abysmal. This raised a lot of eyebrows as many considered it to be rushing him into the league, and questioned the need for him to rot on the 4th line with absolutely brutal linemates. Now that they signed some guys over the summer and made some trades, he gets left off the roster and not even invited to camp. It seems fairly obvious that the Islanders only had him up to get over the cap floor last season with his ELC bonuses. If an organization was using me that blatantly for my numbers and not caring about my success, I'd probably get the hell out of Dodge, too.

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