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01-23-2013, 08:34 AM
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Game 2 vs Tampa Bay Lightning
4-1 loss




1st 5:18 Pyatt (Lecavalier, Carle)
-1 Sanguinetti - This is kind of a tough one to hold against Sanguinetti, because Lecavalier and Pyatt really made a world-class play. Still, that play doesn't happen if Sangs doesn't get caught flat-footed behind Pyatt; Lecavalier could as easily have made a conventional pass and Pyatt would still have been open in front of the net.

1st 11:36 Conacher (Lecavalier, Purcell)
-1 Pitkanen - Unacceptable defensive zone turnover
-1 Eric Staal - If Staal plays his angle properly, Lecavalier doesn't have an easy path to the net here. On top of that, he stops moving his feet when he gets burnt, allowing Conacher to get to the net too.
-1 Sanguinetti - This guy does not understand defense. Starts in front of the net, positioned to stop a play like this one. As soon as the puck turns over, he LEAVES that spot to go chase Conacher, as though Concacher wasn't going to consider crashing the net. Then makes a sad little hook on Lecavlier and turns his back on the puck while Conacher puts it in the net. Kaberle-esque.

3rd 1:37 Aulie (Mikkelson)
-1 Corvo - Turns the puck over, gets caught up ice, lazily coasts back into the play and inexplicably behind the net, and finally makes a conscious decision not to leave the slot to Skinner (who had busted his ass to cover Corvo's mistakes this entire time) instead letting Aulie walk the puck all the way to the faceoff dot for a screened shot. Also Kaberle-esque.
-1 Harrison - Screened Ward on the shot.
-1 Jokinen - That ill-advised blind pass from a prone position was really not necessary.

-2 Sanguinetti
-1 Corvo
-1 Harrison
-1 Jokinen
-1 Pitkanen
-1 Staal

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