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Originally Posted by Analyzer View Post
Gorges got up. I like White and what he brings. If it was Steve Ott, or Brian Campbell I'd probably be more understanding. However, I can't recall Flesichmann doing anything that crosses the line.

So, if a habs player throws a dangerous hit and someone grabs him and starts beating him that's fine ?

Other teams will just respond in kind.

I love that mentality, but to go and do something like that is just asking for one of the non fighters on this team to get their head pounded in.

I have no problem with habs players standing up for one another, but to just go attack someone is just asking for it to be returned back to us.

White and veilleux went twice that game the first time veilleux did the ring around the rosey to be on whites back.

You are missing the point about fleischmann, it's not about who it's about what. If the leafs decided to tune up gionta last year after he ran Reiner, I might not like it but I'm not going to denounce it either.

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