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01-23-2013, 08:48 AM
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I have one hope stemming from this game, and that is I hope this game defines us. I hope it defines us not only from this point forward in our season, but for years to come. Each and every player should have went in the room after the game thinking and saying "that is how we play. If we play like that every game we can go toe-to-toe with any team in the league. If anyone doesn't feel like putting in the effort like we did tonight, take off the jersey and don't bother stepping on the ice." This game should be how the Winnipeg Jets play. Every. Single. Game. I want that type of intensity and effort to be engraved when a player puts on the Jets jersey.

There is no reason each and every player in that room cannot put the Jets jersey on for each game and play like that. The bar should be set. Anything less effort wise is failure. That is what I would be preaching to the team.

There is one thing you as a player can always control, and that is your effort. And if each player puts in the effort we saw last night, there is no good reason why this team and group cannot establish themselves as a strong team in this league.

For me, the bar is set because we've seen how this team can play as a group, we've seen the effort they can give, and we've seen the results it can bring. Though it has been 2 games we've displayed this effort and intensity, I have all the belief in the world that if we put forth efforts like this, we can dance with any team in the league and at least be in the game until the final buzzer. Sure the Caps maybe had an off night. Was that because of their own doing or was that because of how we played? Likely a bit of both, but I will say both teams began the game skating very, very hard, hitting and finishing their checks, etc. Both teams showed up ready to play, but we kept at it.

The bar is set for me. Anything less effort wise from this point out will be considered unacceptable. We'll have our off nights, I understand, but 3/4 of the time I expect the effort and intensity in which was displayed by our team last night (and in the Boston game as well).

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