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01-23-2013, 08:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Bruce Wayne View Post
This is like Devils fans making a proposal:

Hedberg and Matteau for Karlsson.
Ewww... weak comparison... I'm not sure if you really tried?

Ben Bishop is not 40 y/o
Mika Zibanejad is worth a lot more than Matteau, comon

And finally, Karlsson >>>>>> Larsson

At least for now.

Exageration to prove a point only does the opposite of what you're trying to do.

Originally Posted by glenbuis View Post
As a fan of neither team, the devils would never do this. Larrson will be a #1 d for a very long time. You could change goalies to making it Lehner in the deal and it's still not close. I don't understand why Lehner is not the starter already if he's played 10 games and is destined for stardom.

Lehner + Zibanejad for Larsson is still not close?


I would be heavily infuriated at the Sens if they made a move like this. And I'm very high on Larsson (and Swedes in general)

PS : I see that you may just have an ignorance problem but Robin Lehner is just 21 y/o. The Sens have decided to not rush the young guy and let him develop in the AHL. Goalies are difficult to developp and rushing a young goalie is never a good thing.

The other thing is contracts : Anderson and Bishop have 1-ways while Lehner has a 2-way. Anderson is a very good #1 in this league so he has the job for now. No point in having Lehner as the #2 as he wouldn't play enough.

Originally Posted by JerseyGuy276 View Post
Way to miss his point.
Seriously? It was one of the few logical posts in this thread

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