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Originally Posted by PricePkPatch View Post
End result of a dirty play is irrelevant. You shouldn't stand up for a teammate only after an injury. Any hit that could have gone one the south end should provoke a reaction.

I didn't minded Lucic going after Subban last year, after they thought Subban elbowed Kreijc. Subban turtled (litterally) and got away with it. I don't like dirty hits that are potentially dangerous, although I wouldn't argue Subban's hit was actually dangerous (but I have no trouble believing that's what Lucic thought.. or he wanted to think)

Did Emelin pulled a dangerous hit? No, it was a perfectly legit and legal hit.

You cannot compare Emelin's hard but legal hits with a BOARDING that can potentially break a neck.
Emelin drilled Malone when Malone didn't have the puck. That's an ILLEGAL hit. You can't break a guy's neck, unless you're superman, but Malone could have smashed his head against the ice.

Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
White and veilleux went twice that game the first time veilleux did the ring around the rosey to be on whites back.

You are missing the point about fleischmann, it's not about who it's about what. If the leafs decided to tune up gionta last year after he ran Reiner, I might not like it but I'm not going to denounce it either.

Being a lady bing candidate does not afford you a get out of jail free card.
No, and I like that White stood up for Gorges, but no one is going to like it when it happens to a habs player.

Originally Posted by onice View Post
I'm guessing you went to the Brisebois school of intimidation.
I'm guessing that if Florida was better and that pp lead to the habs losing you wouldn't be so happy.

If Flesichmann would have been a fighter he would have been prepared. White will do it again and he'll do it against fighters who are ready to defend themselves.

Will people so easily try to take liberties with the habs ? No. Is there a possibility that if one Habs player does anything even remotely dirty they will face the same next time we play Florida ? Very much so.

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