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01-23-2013, 08:54 AM
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Thanks for the posts boys.. nice to know others have dealt with kind of stuff. I like organizing a team - hate handling this stuff though... so it's good to get some insight.

I've played in a bunch of leagues, all have there ups and downs and overall good fun leagues. ASHL (Adult "Safe" Hockey League) is the most unsafe league anyone on the team has encountered. My now ex-teammate that quit emailed me to apologise but is more concerned with his health and safety. He plays in 3 other leagues and feels the risk at ASHL is too high. My experience with head office makes me believe they are aware and just don't care.

I agree with CornKicker and emailed them that I'll be taking my more than 7K a season team fee somewhere else.

Originally Posted by CoopALoop
Some refs are just flat out terrible and get ******** when both teams are constantly yelling at them. Hell, I've had "bonding" moments with teams we hate over some refs.
We've also had one of those moments with a team we usually hate. I guess it's true that an enemy's, enemy is your friend ... To be fair there are a couple really decent refs - unfortunately they are only a couple out of so many more.

If anyone has a favourite league in the GTA, I would love to hear about it. I'm considering returning to Chesswood or True North.

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