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01-23-2013, 10:00 AM
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Originally Posted by crazyhawk View Post
It was only one game but did you all see Crawford last night?
He played very, very well and was instrumental in getting the win.
For his second game back I would say nice work Crow!
What we appear to need is a solid back up ... unless Emery can find some semblance of a game.
Luongo is just wrong for the Hawks in so many ways.
He can't move that well from side to side and he flops more than a beached salmon.
Sure he is still pretty good but the game has passed him by now and his contract not to mention his choking in big games makes him a solid NO.
We need our back up to win 8 of 12 games this year and Crawford to keep playing like he did last night.
That coupled with the outstanding play of our forwards and D and we'll be contenders.
Agreed. I was very happy with Crawford last night, good positioning, looked sharp. The problem last year was that he was coming out too far and losing his net, then after MONTHS of this going on without any change, he/Waite finally fixed it but his confidence was low, it was the end of the season and he just couldn't shake the slump.

This year so far, he looks exactly as he did in 10-11 so I fully expect it to continue.

You're right though, backup goalie is a major issue, especially in this shortened season. We can't give away anything to our opponents.

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