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01-23-2013, 09:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Fantom View Post
We do not want to use it becuase Gary Glitter is a "sex Offender"
So we want to shy away from it.
However we will play Pumped up kicks. That song is about school shootings.
Because the bass player's cousin went to Columbine High School and survived the massacre. The song is written about bringing awareness to teen mental illness and violence, it's not condoning it.

People still listen to chris brown even though he beats women.
Big difference between what individuals do versus what a business does.

Who cares if the guy is a sex offender.
Plenty of people. Especially the people's lives the guy's ruined I'd imagine.

That does not mean the islanders support what he did. Just to be clear i am against what he did.
Which is exactly why you wont hear them play it.

There are plenty of music artist who comit crimes yet people still listen to there music. That does not mean that you are a criminal just because you like there sound or beat.
No one said you were a criminal, just that most businesses dont want to associate themselves with people who are felons be it from child abuse, domestic violence, etc. because it can alienate potential customers. Big difference between that and individuals, although just because "plenty of people" do something doesn't mean it's OK either. Me, I'd rather have a conscious in the things I support and purchase. But YMMV.

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