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Originally Posted by redbranch View Post
minor venting ahead:

Whenever I go to any beginner, or learning hockey environment, there are always beer leaguers there. Which doesn't bother me at all, I get that for some, the schedule of the instructional stuff just works better for them. What does drive me nuts, is a small percentage of them, don't seem to understand that for some reason, beginners come to instructional leagues, and they are schocked, SCHOCKED, that they aren't already polished players and know the ins and outs of the game already.

I got chided last night by a guy, and my jaw must have hung open.
"You know, we were working hard out there, and you just let the pass I made to you go" The pass in question was apparently to me while on the point, and never got within 15 feet of me. It ended right on the tape of the other team at the hash marks, and this guy was angry with me for backing up to avoid it being a 3 on 0.

I make plenty of mistakes, but that's what an instructional league is for. I may not be good, but I do hustle, and unlike his alleged pass, mine end up on the tape It's annoying how this guys stupid comment stuck with me the rest of the night. Anybody else run into this, and how did they handle it?
Jerks are everywhere. Blank them.

You make a good point about the comment sticking with you, though. Confidence is such a big thing in hockey and if I make a bad/stupid play, it really sticks with me and affects my play afterwards. Definitely something to work on.

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