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01-23-2013, 10:15 AM
Ridley Simon
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Originally Posted by Millhaus View Post
I'm sorry but the 'there is one winner and 29 losers' approach to gauging the performance of individuals in professional sports is ridiculous IMO. Nothing anyone does is in a bubble, whether it is one, five, ten, or fifteen years.

If you want to break down fifteen years of McPhee's GMing of the Caps I'm your huckleberry but if all you have is '15 YEARS!' stop wasting our time.
Why do I need to do more than state the obvious?

In many many places, its been beaten to death about what has constituted those 15 years. One Cup final's loss (with Poile's team), and then what...4 2nd round losses, and the rest is nada? Caps have missed the playoffs more times than they've advanced past the 1st round.

And this year is a major regression, and looks to be another playoff miss, if the eyes are to be believed. And this is all WITH the Young Guns (or what is left of them).

Dont be a pollyana, Millhaus

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