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01-23-2013, 09:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
Yes, confirming the buffering issues on Apple TV. But, the games are still watchable, and most importantly, all 9 games from Tuesday were made available in full-length replays pretty quickly, within 2-4 hours of completion in real time. And I love the ability to select between home & away feed! All of this, despite all the issues, is definitely worth the $50 subscription price for the season.
Unfortunately, at least for me (for PC), they keep the blacked out games (all of them) unavailable literally for 48 hours after the game started.

But in overall, even though I argued with you before, I have to agree with you now. I was about to cancel the subscription to get a full refund, but once they made the mosaic view work and I could experience it for the first time, $50 seems like nothing. Watching 4 games at once, great quality of picture (and no freezes or buffering), home and away feeds, ability to pause the game (and continue "as live") or replay immediately the goal situation (if I catch only the goal celebration) etc.

So my only remaining concern are the blackouts. It may be bearable with 1-2 game(s) per night during the regular season, but if they indeed black out almost all of the playoff games..

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