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01-23-2013, 09:25 AM
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Originally Posted by flapanthersfan View Post
but thats EXACTLY what he was last season, and that's exactly my point. he was at home, unemployed and waiting for a phone call. we had a bunch of injuries and he was a great addition in a bottom-6 role.

there's better players who are unemployed right now than jarred smithson, and that's exactly my point. hell, marco sturm is a better player, a better PKer. the only thing smithson has on him (or anyone practically) is faceoffs)

campbell is another example of a great fourth liner, too. that's the type of grit we need down there, not smithson.

you know that we differ on enforcers. i hate parros, he sucks, doesn't fight often and has made a career off his stupid porn mustache.

brandon prust and chris neil (although i absolutely HATE Neil, i'd probably adore him if he were a Cat) are exactly the type of fighters i'd like on my team. they may not be true heavy's but still get the job done (offer protection) and can play the game and contribute. i love prust, not so sure i would have given him the contract montreal did though. pretty pricey.
Think you're being a bit too hard on the checking line, and they out worked Ottawa a few times, leading to two icing calls that the top line couldn't convert on.

Neal and Prust are the kinda guys you'd like as an enforcers, but they don't come around often, especially Neal. He's like McCarty. Big reason why I liked having Barch, but he can't handle guys like Neal.
Parros fights often enough and will go with guys like Barch and Jansen, but he's big and most shy away from him. Would've been nice to have gotten Asham as well.
Parros wants to play and contribute, he looked kids lost to me like he's unsure what to do. Needs to start grinding and just play his game, not look for nice plays.

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