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01-23-2013, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Pantokrator View Post
I didn't want him fired at the time. I think it is strange for a coach to get his team to the finals and then be fired. I think the damage for the choking comment could have been healed.
If there wasn't strain prior to the Finals, then perhaps. The prior season, the 1996 playoffs, there was much strife centering around the system and some players had questioned it, neglected to buy into it. The series against the Panthers was frustrating and the rumblings intensified. Clarke liked Murray and tried to quell the situation at that time. It wasn't hunky dory and then an explosion of turmoil because of the one comment during the 1997 Finals. Murray had his supporters: John LeClair, certainly. Shjon Podein really liked him and mentioned that certain players didn't buy into the system -- something, again, that was a primary focus in the prior season. When Wayne Cashman was hired, it was done in part to have a players' coach; the other leading candidate at the time was Keith Acton and for the same reasons. Mike Keenan was mentioned but that was a polar opposite thought.

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