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Originally Posted by razor ray View Post
I appreciate the responses but it just seems for all the success of USA hockey it is still not paying off with high 1st round draft picks. I'd like to see more players crack to top 15 or top 20. Hopefully in the future that will be the case.

Great to see A. Galchenyuk light the lamp tonight btw.
though I agree with what you are saying, as I want to see more US kids drafted inside the top 10, and certainly inside the top 15.. But,I will also add that we are developing very solid players that are being drafted outside of the top 10. There are a number of players who were drafted outside of the top 10 but now looking back they would likely be top 10 picks (Fowler, Carlson, McDonagh, Coyle, etc).... some of these might be debatable, but there are a number of solid US kids coming that can make a case for top 10-15 picks if the draft was redone which is what matters as these kids are performing closer to the professional level.

After going three years I believe without a top 10 pick (2009, 2010, 2011), we will be going back to back with top 10 picks with Galchenyuk and Trouba last year, and Jones and possibly Erne this year. With a #3 overall selection in 2012 and a likely #1 pick in 2013. Our greatest draft perhaps ever (2010) did not have a single player taken from the US in the top 10, eventhough we had a record year of 11 Americans taken overall that draft. And without question Fowler should have gone top 10, with Coyle and Etem knocking on that door. What is even crazier about that draft is looking at that second round of the draft where guys like Merrill, Faulk, and Zucker all would go in the first round if redone today...That is a pretty amazing draft for USA Hockey and one that will support us for years to come.

I agree that more highend players are needed for USA Hockey to really take the next step. I am just saying that sometimes draft position really doesnt mean much in that regard. If we werent developing kids at all like what happened to the US from the darkest days of 93-2000 drafts, then I would agree as those drafts were filled with busts but only a few solid players. The US is developing a certain type of player now, and that is fine, but more and more we are starting to get a few kids to break above that ceiling which will lead to more top 10 picks, which hopefully leads to more all-stars which is your underlying point.

Just remember though, guys like Pavelski, Byfuglien, Callahan, Tim Thomas, Yandle, Stastny, Stepan, Wisniewski, Goligoski, etc all werent taken high or thought that highly of. Most of these guys have been a big part of USA Hockey in international play or will soon be. Some of these guys are looked at as some of the best players we have to offer, so draft position really isnt the be all end all here. Plus look were Zach Parise was drafted...nuff said!

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