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01-23-2013, 09:51 AM
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I've liked what Lavy has done with the team since he took over in 2009 but I'm finally starting to come around on the opinion that his system needs to change or sadly he needs to go. Granted, the players from forwards back to the goaltender all need to play better, but the personnel on this team don't match the high tempo, dump and chase, heavy forecheck, defensemen always engaging forward system. They've gotten away with it in past years but now it's so very apparent. One major issue that has been overlooked under Lavy's time here is in my opinion the puck moving skills all over the ice for the Flyers have diminished greatly. What good is dumping the puck in and forechecking to get it if once you get it you can't pass it to an open player. What good is a defenseman jumping into the rush to support if you can't hit him with a pass in the neutral zone or he can't pass the puck back. The breakout strategy of late (since last season) has been the high dump out of the zone. Most other passes are made blind, throwing the puck around the edge of the ice hoping that someone is there to retrieve it. Not to mention we go offside and ice the puck more than any other team in the league. In summary, I think at this point if a move were made I would be more in favor of a coaching change than trying to fit new personnel into the system. I think it's worn its welcome in Philly even though Lavy has won with it before.

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