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01-23-2013, 09:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Steel Panther View Post
This is why carrying a fighter is ********. A "super heavyweight" needs another "super heavyweight" to fight? Oh ok, then please tell me how that effects the actual game of hockey that's being played?
If the fighter can't beat the living crap out of any guy that deserves it, say after a dirty hit, then what the purpose of having a fighter?

Nothing against you ghoste btw.
Gudbranson, Skille, Upshall, nor even Barch can just go blast a guy after dirty hits, you get an instigator and possible game for that. Fighting is all about smarts, and guys like Parros will deter some guys from dirty/pesty play, but there are guys like White that don't care and won't own up.

Parros can go with guys that aren't super heavies, he really doesn't do terribly well against some of the better heavies, but that allows him to get into it with some of the smaller guys. I expect he and Lucic to go, tbh, but I'd never expect that out of SmacIntyre. I think Parros can keep certain players in check, more than Barch, Glass, etc., but not everyone is deterred.

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