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01-23-2013, 09:58 AM
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It seems most people are generally pleased with Grig's play so far and Lindy's handling of him, wanting him to focus on his defensive responsibilities/awareness and not being a liability out there. The general consensus seems to be that the offense will come out in time as he gets more comfortable.

I agree with all these points, and agree that his play at ES should focus on being defensively responsible. However, I do think that not getting time on the PP could be detrimental to his overall play, if Lindy sticks to his current PP units for the time being.

Adjusting to the NHL as an 18 year old is extremely difficult, especially trying to produce offense at ES. Playing a 3rd line role with limited minutes will be tough for him to produce points, and when a player doesn't produce any points (especially a young player known for his offensive abilities) he starts to lose confidence, feel the pressure, and start pressing offensively, ultimately hurting his overall play, especially in his own end.

Grig's offensive ability is what makes him such a special player. These abilities are magnified on the PP, and probably the easiest adjustment he will have to the NHL will be on the PP, where he has a little more time and space to use his creativity. By giving Grigs time on the PP, letting him pick up some points and make some offensive plays, I feel it would do wonders for his confidence. It would ease the pressure to produce points at ES (which he would inevitably feel if he has 0 pts in the 1st 7-10 games, assuming he stays) and allow him to focus on playing a defensively responsible game. This would be the best way to "ease" him into the NHL in my opinion.

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