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Originally Posted by SnowblindNYR View Post
Dude, what the hell are you talking about. We win the season series against them more often than not. Prior to this season there were at least 2 straight seasons of of going 3-1 against them. People need to do some research before posting stuff like that.
i don't need to do research to have an opinion on how i remembered them playing, but since you brought it up...

last season:
1st win game was a sloppy 3-2 ot win that they handed us with a boarding penalty going into OT
2nd game lundqvist had a 42 save shutout-- a game we should've lost.
3rd game i don't remember, but it was a 4:3 win. can't comment on it as i really do not remember it
4th game we lost
in my opinion boston wins everywhere but the scoreboard when we play them.

to reiterate what i was saying-- boston is one of the best teams in the NHL. philly is not. if we lose to boston i'm not as worried as i will be if we lose to philly. philly isn't even on the same tier.

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