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Originally Posted by WingedWheel1987 View Post
Rebuild and make it as quick and painless as possible. 2-3 years before they are a playoff team, and 4-5 years before they are contending for the cup.
Rebuilds do not work this quickly. It is more like last place team for 4 years, then finally your picks start playing and 3-4 years you climb back into a decent team. If you want a 4 year rebuild, you should be ok with an 7-8 year rebuild.

Originally Posted by Eternal Sunshine View Post
I agree but Holland doesn't. It is probably going to be a long, drawn out TML/CGY type of situation. Keep signing tweeners to keep us competitive on a game to game basis with very little emphasis on coddling prospects and filling them with confidence. Just kind of "if you can't produce in a few shifts the way we like, you're on the 3rd/4th line or in the AHL". I think a lot of the problem stems from Babcock and Holland disagreeing on what needs to be done. I'm picturing a Moneyball passive-aggressive relationship situation with Brad Pitt and PSH.
TML/CGY are ridiculously deluded. They refuse to rebuild while missing the playoffs for 3-4 years first.
TML finally decided to rebuild 3-4 years ago, and started trading 1st round picks...
CGY has yet to realize they are garbage.

Det fans are much more aware. But lets be honest, our team is much much better. We have had something like (don't quote me exactly) but 8 straight 100+ pt seasons? Holland is trying to extend our era of dominance. He is trying to keep the playoff streak going on the hopes we have a miracle year and pull off a cup with Z and D having AMAZING seasons. This is possible. Most of us see the writing on the wall, but lets not be so fast to embrace a rebuild. wait until we miss the playoffs just once. This year, we look pretty bad. It is the worst I have ever seen this team (I am a fan since 1994). The retirement of Lidstrom, Rafalski and stuart leaving are big losses. 2 of those were just this past off season. For those saying we have been garbage for the last 3 years, wake up spoiled people. we had 100+ pt seasons, we still had a good team. This year is the FIRST year we have looked less than dominant. This is the first year we are actually playing bad hockey. Lets not pretend we are calgary or TML. If we refuse to rebuild for the NEXT 4 years... then we are those teams. (P.S. if you want to argue with me about how our team OBVIOUSLY needed a rebuild for the last 3 are spoiled, look at our "vegas" odds each year to win the last 3 years, we have been in the top 25% to 30%)

I think there are some fans secretly hoping we lose games, so we can do a rebuild. I see this as a moot point. We will be forced to start rebuilding this year. I feel Mike Babcock is playing the players Holland signed. He is playing veterans to SHOW holland what us fans already see. That the team is not good enough. Drop the vets who are not stars. Play young kids. Babcock is showcasing Holland our team for BETTER or for POORER. And if we fail, Holland wont say it is because we relied on kids, it will be because our "good" players didn't perform. Saying Babcock doesn't see what you see is dumb. He sees it. He is just less reactive. 2 games does not PROVE a crappy quincey. 15 games does!

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