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01-23-2013, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by onebighockeyfan View Post
B. Raymond is not my favorite guy but you can read this if you like. I think he makes some valid points the fanboys here will of course discredit. Truth is PK is annoying and the current situation could have been avoided in my opinion. He dug himself a hole so now he can just lay in it. No matter how much he thinks he's worth there's no reason for not playing, especially after a lockout.
Bertrand makes little sense in that article. It shows he's a baseball guy and doesn't know what he's talking about. This is what he considers to be a prima donna?

P.K., lui, est malheureusement passé à autre chose. Son carnet mondain le tient très occupé. Il est flamboyant quand il se présente à des événements sportifs. Il assiste à des spectacles avec ses chums. Il explique la météo au petit écran. Il signe des contrats de publicité. Bref, il s'occupe de lui d'abord.

So, he is flamboyant, he goes to concerts with his friends, he gets paid to do commercials and *gasp* he did the weather on CTV!


Such a prima donna!

I said real examples, not some confused rant by an old baseball reporter.

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