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01-23-2013, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
Same level? No. Good enough to score on an average goalie in the shootout? Sure.

Bourque wasn't chosen to participate in the shootout because he's Ray's kid, as someone suggested. Funny how some fans (not addressed to you, Scotto) seem to think a coach is throwing names into a hat or doing someone a favor or choosing his binky when he picks the shooters. They practice shootouts, they know who's got the best percentages, they know who's struggled (or done well) against particular goalies, they know who's got the hot hand, they know all that stuff. That's the job of a professional coaching staff. Not "hey, who wants to take this shot?"
I hear you and agree. who knows maybe he has been tearing it up in shootout practice or something for sure. I see nothing for evidence that CJ is using him just because he is Ray's kid. If he was on the first line getting first line PP mins and all that then maybe but as a 3rd liner on the 2nd PP unit on a PP that has sucked for 3+ years I see nothing.

I mean really our PP sucked last year. We have exactly 2 new players on the team. Bourque and Hamilton and guess what both new guys are getting PP time.

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