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Originally Posted by habfan1968 View Post
I am not sure you mean what I think you mean. Are you saying that the coach should punish White? Maybe sit him or something, for defending a team mate from a dirty play? I think White did exactly the right thing with all things considered. We were up 4-1, Gorges is a key component of our team, a leader.
Please understand that this is something quite subtle.

Therrien shouldn't punish White for standing up for a teammate.
He should punish White for provoking a 5-minute penalty.

However, he shouldn't punish White strong enough so White won't do the same action again. You don't want to discourage that sort of behaviour.

On the other hand, you want the team to know that when White will stand up for you, he knows he's doing it knowing there WILL be consequences from the coach (because of the penalties). Meaning the team will just love White even more; for he sticks his neck out for them.

If you create conditions in which players knows their teammate sacrifice something for sticking up to you, it will knit this team together.

If you create conditions in which players are rewarded by the coach for sticking up to each other, some might wonder if they aren't simply trying to get favors from the coach rather than genuinely sticking up for a teammate.

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