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01-23-2013, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by HABsurde View Post
in the past, on the ice, PK got into conflicts with Plekanec and others, in the room there was comment about PK by the likes of Gill, Cole, Gionta, Gorges... If you believe that PK is absolutely like by everyone in the room and that nobody feels he's a distraction or some kind of prima donna... you are naive....

does it mean that the guy should not be sign? NO, does it mean that it is not as easy as 1-2-3 to come to an agreement with the guy, not just personnaly, but with everything the situations involve with the Habs, i'm guessing yes

He got into a shoving match with Plekanec. Big deal. The Habs have had more than our fair share of shoving matches in practice. It's not new to hockey, and it will continue to happen with various players.

Gill trolled the media with the towel comment (and others fell for it, obviously).

I don't remember Cole or Gionta commenting negatively about him last year, perhaps a refresher is in order.

Where they asked about PK by the same media fishing for drama, or did they go out of their way to comment negatively about him? Anyways, let's wait for you to provide the links (or sources) and we can go from there.

No one is saying he's the team honey bunny, but saying he is a prima donna because he went to a concert with friends, and shoved one of his teammates (like hundreds of players have before) is incredibly stupid. Incredibly.

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