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01-23-2013, 11:12 AM
Gaudreauby Baker
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Too much nonsense in this thread.

Johnny Gaudreau is best served at staying the full four years at college barring a lot of physical growth over the next year. Its not only the fact he is small, he is gonna have to transition his body from a 40+ games schedule to an 82 game one. As stated, College gives him the best opportunity to do that. He needs to be developed slowly, rushing him should not be an option. Not only for Gaudreaus's sake but for Calgary's. They need him to pan out and be a top 6 forward for them. If he busts it could severely hurt the immediate future of the franchise. People say he needs to face higher competition asap, but his hockey sense will be what determines how well he adjusts. I have no doubts a physically mature Gaudreau can be an NHL contributor.

Problems with Gaudreau's skating have been severely overstated. He has decent top end speed and ELITE agility (lateral movement and edge control). Think of him as a Jeff skinner type skater rather than a Marty St.louis. He needs to work on his first step, which can be fixed through gaining explosive muscle over the next few years.

Finally, some flames fan need to get over playing this whole "victim" card when it comes to prospects. Ignore the trolls, but if someone brings up a legitimite concern about a prospect (size, first step, etc...) address it, rather than "BUST" or "He doesnt get respect because he's a flames prospect". It's embarrassing, and serves no purpose in changing peoples opinions.

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