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01-23-2013, 12:30 PM
Here we go again!
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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
You're hopelessly confused.

My criticisms have nothing to do with the first game of the season. My analysis is based on Bergevin's decision-making, not on some statistical fluctuation of whether or not the team goes on a hot or cold streak in the first 10 games, something that could happen and does often happen under any GM.
And I'm the one confused....Yet, you are the one calling it FAILURES instead of calling it THINGS YOU DON'T AGREE WITH. 'Cause while english isn't my first language, I really thought that once you use failures, it had to mean that it had to be PROVEN that it actually was.

You have no idea what's going on with Subban. No idea. Me neither. We do go and try to pretend like we do, and that's fine, that's what a board is also for. But if Subban signs today....and it permits the Habs the same some major will it still consider a failure by you? about giving the guy a little more time than 1 week to try to see what his team is made of? Geez, you're analysing a guy's work as if he'd be with us for the past 5 years. You're going on and give us a reading on Bergevin's work, a guy who was hired last summer? Hired his friends...again...who don't? People will totally hire guys they don't know about? In every sport on every team? Hey, Bergevin kept Carrière who he didn't know too much about. Kudos to him. The rest may be his friends, yet they also seem to competent like Dudley. Also pretty sure that neither Brisebois or Pierre Allard or Groulx were his friends were they? They do have a job with us. Therrien...well he wasn't the choice of most of us but as brillant as we are, nothing was proven that he was a failure. Not our pick? For sure. Not mine either. And Hamilton, well that's my biggest criticism and it started by not adding proper vets in due time to make that team a better one. But we are clearly in a season where most of our guys are rookies and it was going to be a tough year. We will see about the coaches, thought the Lefebvre hiring made sense, we will see in due time.

So things we agree with, things we might not agree with sure....but NOBODY has to FORGIVE HIS FAILURES as if it hasn't been proven yet that they were just that....failures. And I'm the one confused....Glad to be if it means not living in the same reality world....

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