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01-23-2013, 11:39 AM
Here we go again!
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Not fond of the "it's typical of the Habs board" but I believe that this tendancy of bashing a player to upgrade another is typical of this board and it's sad. So let's sit a guy who was really solid for us last year and has proven that he could succeed in any league for a rather ordinairy start that in the process both of his wingers seems to be having as well. Yet, nobody talks about sitting Pacioretty who looks much worst. Yet, nobody from that line deserve to sit or will ever sit. They work hard, but they are not efficient enough. The "sitting" will always be between the bottom 6 players and maybe Bourque if he goes back in his sleeping mode again.

But while you and I want Eller in the lineup, it doesn't have to be at the detriment of DD. It will be because we need more Eller and surely less of any other bottom 6 players in the lineup like White. Another guy I see as a possibility of sitting as the year progresses is Armstrong. I saw glimpses of Toronto Armstrong and that can't be good. Yet, right now, nobody sits, we had a good game last night, but we will lose soon and Eller will be back.

People are really strange though. Targetting Therrien for maybe screwing a prospect up, yet chances are he'll give every chance he can to.....Gallagher and Galchenyuk which are ALSO pretty young prospects. And Diaz forced Therrien to give him some more icetime. Therrien is CLEARLY open for some new love. And it will be Eller's chance to gain it next time he can play.

But really, while we are a pretty ordinairy team, chances are nobody will ever deserve to be sit. But one or 2 guys will at one point or another. But as a new coach, you don't alienate the vets on your team. By sitting DD, you make him made and you make both of his wingers mad as well. Great way to restart a coaching career.

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