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01-23-2013, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by HabsSlappy View Post
Everyone forgets just how good Markov is. Markov is so important to this team it is ridiculous. I just did a quite calculation and Markov has played 75 game in the past 4 years (including playoffs).

The Habs have a 0.629 winning percentage with him in the lineup (39-23-13) and a 0.500 winning percentage with him out of the lineup (76-76-21).

Now this doesn't factor in the quality of the overall team but I think it is a good starting point for people to hopefully realize how important he is to this team and would be to other teams in trade.

He is basically a poor man's Lidstrom, and I think we can already see the effect on the Wings by not having Lidstrom in the lineup.

Last night was a terrific example of what Markov is capable of in both senses.

He absolutely dominated on the PP, just like he used too. Which is the reason for that huge difference in record, Markov's presense tended to turn the PP into world beaters rather than being average to below average.

On even strength though, he was very good. But not brilliant. He matched against the opposition's best line, But Weiss-Fleichmann-Kopecky is a fairly weak first unit. If they were facing a strong ES team that's a 2nd line. Markov shut them down but he didn't dominate. +1 for ES scoring chances on the night for Markov.

This was exactly what Markov was in his prime. The best PP QB in the game but only very good and not great on ES.

That's why the Habs need PK in the lineup with Markov. Because he has a terrific ES game. Having the two of them is the basis for a strong top 4, one that plays great in every game state.

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