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01-23-2013, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by HabsSlappy View Post
Everyone forgets just how good Markov is. Markov is so important to this team it is ridiculous. I just did a quite calculation and Markov has played 75 game in the past 4 years (including playoffs).

The Habs have a 0.629 winning percentage with him in the lineup (39-23-13) and a 0.500 winning percentage with him out of the lineup (76-76-21).

Now this doesn't factor in the quality of the overall team but I think it is a good starting point for people to hopefully realize how important he is to this team and would be to other teams in trade.

He is basically a poor man's Lidstrom, and I think we can already see the effect on the Wings by not having Lidstrom in the lineup.
What was the winning percentage of us with Wiznewski vs without him the year we got him? I remember us slowly going into the tank and then we picked this guy up and he basically saved the season.

Markov makes a huge difference to us because we've been so offensively starved. He's a great blueliner no doubt and he gives us enough that we were able to squeak out victories where the margin of difference was a goal. Great PP quarterback (as good as anyone) and we lived and died by it. Comparisons to Lidstrom though are silly. I know the poster was talking about it in the context of "importance" but Lidstrom's name shouldn't be in the same sentence as Markov's. It's kind of like comparing Huet's importance to Ken Dryden's.

As for Subban, I don't think he's where Markov was in his prime, not yet anyway. I'd defintely take him over Markov now though (despite last night's great game) and I think he'll be decisively better in the future. I think what I said was true, PK is our number one right now (please no silly comments about him playing Playstation) and Markov is trying to wrestle the title back from him. Markov might be able to do it, but for now PK holds the belt. Maybe he'll be better than PK, but to be the man he has to beat the man. The onus is on him to prove it.

If we could get both guys healthy and playing well, then we'll have a run for the playoffs. Big 'IF' though and I don't think we should count on Markov for anything. If he comes back strong it's a bonus.

And why the hell do I keep hearing 9 mil over three years for Subban? Please tell me this isn't true because it's not smart to lowball a cornerstone player - RFA or not.

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