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01-23-2013, 12:52 PM
Here we go again!
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If we start talking trade, and since we don't know how this 2013 draft will be like for us, you KNOW that in return for Subban you need a great prospect or young player d-man in return. Our D line isn't as stacked as far as quality as some people thing. A lot of quantity, a lot of maybe future #4-5-6 but #1-2 like Subban? Nobody. Not Tinordi. Closest would be Beaulieu and we're not there yet. So you need a guy like that. Surely a 1st rounder HAS to be in there, a 1st you might estimate to be top 15. Then you start discussing.

Oh and that locker room cancer has to stop. So many guys we're traded in teh past that were cancers and ended up to be not that bad after all so let's stop shall we. I don't want to trade him. But if it comes to that point, we CANNOT make the same mistakes we keep making with guys that were supposed to HAVE to go....Yet, we're already to a point where his value isn't too high because of his demands, and because of the fact that every team knows we might have no choice but to shop him. Unless a major competition happens between quite a few teams.

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