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01-23-2013, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by TSBSoupsta View Post
He leaves his feet BEFORE the hit Nobody leaves their feet after a hit? You hit someone and jump up for joy? No, shut up, you're wrong, he leaves his feet, 2-3 games. He also made head contact, not directly but he does contact Volch's head.

Bunch of biased idiots.
Excellent argument.

Now, have you ever heard of this alien concept we on earth call "physics?" Say 6'0" 196 lb Brayden Schenn is skating with a velocity of 10mph toward 6'1" 225lb Anton Volchenkov, who is also moving at a 7mph velocity in the opposite direction. As you can see, Anton Volchenkov, even while having less speed to the tune of 3mph, has greater mass by 1 inch of height and 29 lbs of weight. When these objects collide going in opposite directions, the reaction will produce a phenomenon that scientists refer to as "recoil."

Now, recoil can occur in multiple ways. Schenn and Volchenkov could have bounced off of each other going in opposite directions, however humans are made of flesh and bone, not rubber, as I'm sure you were unaware. Given that Schenn seemed to be leaning forwards to make the hit, as hockey players do, and Volchenkov was flat footed, the angle created was an intersecting angle, not a parallel one. Thus, Schenn was thrust into the air by the mass and velocity of Volchenkov's body, while Volchenkov was seated on his arse due to his body positioning and Schenn's speed. This resulted in Schenn's skates momentarily leaving the ice after the hit.

School is fun if you pay attention, kids.

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