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Originally Posted by Dr Gonzo View Post
To be honest, it was the poster I was replying to who called him a prima donna (and quoted Bertrand's "article" as proof). This is not the first time this particular poster has gone out of his way to denigrate Subban with no proof. That's why it rustled my jimmies.

However, if he is a prima donna in some fans eyes, for not immediately signing whatever contract was offered, then so be it, but that's not a fair assessment whatsoever.

I wonder if Dallas fans are calling Benn a prima donna right now? (Honest question). I may head to the Stars board to find out.
Man, you have to chill a little. I did call him a prima dona. Merriam-Webster's definition of prima dona is "a vain or undisciplined person who finds it difficult to work under direction or as part of a team". Although Subban in certainly not the worst prima dona in sports, the current situation and some of the past incidents start to fit this definition. I gave some examples which you believe are either mundane, exaggerations or outright lies even though they have been reported by different sources, albeit some more credible than others. I'm not the only one on here who is not so enthoused by PK's boyant personality and prima dona tendencies. That's a personal preference. I'm also not impressed with him missing training camp and the begining of the season and although management is also to blame in all of this, PK has his faults in all this as well.

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