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Originally Posted by MartysBetterThanYou View Post
Devils fan here. I understand if Wang has a moral objection to lining the coffers of a child molester. I assume the team paid royalties to Glitter for the rights to play the song.

If the reason is because of the "You Suck" chant though, I think that is stupid. A passionate fanbase is a good thing; the rowdy young kids make up your future season ticket holders. It's not like they were chanting obscenities. The Devils have a "You Suck" chant to Part II and it really gets the fanbase going, especially school age kids who briefly are allowed freedom from societal norms against such behavior and can blow off some steam yelling "You Suck" at the opposing team. The Devils have a "You Suck" chant and I do not think it violates any sort of "family friendly" environment. Family friendly does not mean squeaky clean. Any kid not old enough to understand the difference between a crowd chant and telling the friends/peers off in such a way is probably not old enough to go to a sporting event. It's not like kids have never heard "you suck" before.
Sorry not my cup of tea. Having a class organization includes with what you promote to your fan base. If your fans want to chant "you suck" at a team that's their right as Americans, but your organization publicly endorsing is another thing completely. I from Jersey and when I hear Devils fans doing it I drives me bonkers, especially because they say it when they are losing or they say it to teams that are ahead of them in the standings.

But then again, when you ask most of the fan-base, they couldn't name the starting lineup for either of the teams playing.

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