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Originally Posted by Alklha View Post
Almost certainly not of much interest to the Blues. Schwartz has made the team, pushing D'Agostini to a healthy scratch and the ELC certainly helps us financially. We have Cole, who is doing a decent job so far with Pietrangelo.

I wouldn't put too much judgement on the kid yet. The Islanders completely messed up by not inviting a few players along for the training week just to have a look at them. The kid feels he has something to prove after last season, has done well this season and they didn't even want to take the time to have a look at him with the rest of the NHL roster before the start of the season? Sounds petty, but I think that is the bigger issue than the fact he is still in the AHL.
I wouldn't argue for a second that the Islanders are even a semi-competent organization. They're mishandling Nino terribly and it's not the first time they've *****ed up a prospect. With that said, there is sort of an unspoken rule in the NHL about paying your dues. Violating those rules can brand you as a person with an attitude problem, which is a very hard reputation to shake. The conventional time for this kid to voice his displeasure is - at the earliest - when his ELC expires.

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