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01-23-2013, 12:24 PM
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Originally Posted by toughfighter83 View Post
if i was the gm and find better players that can score goals then yes accept giroux, courts, and laughton. you dont want to hear rebuild, you want to keep the same team because you are jealous of the kings, well this is not a cup team, it's not the way you build a cup team.
What the hell are you talking about? How do you decide I'm jealous of the Kings? What part of any of my posts suggests the slightest thing? I think you're looking in the mirror.

Why do you suddenly want to keep Couturier? Why do you suddenly want to trade Hartnell, despite believing the team needs more grit and better defense? You do know that Hartnell is one of our more defensively responsible forwards, right?

Why does this team have to be rebuilt after three games?

Hell, if we're gonna go nuclear with this, let's keep following your logic. Since apparently this team is never going to be good again, and everyone but three players needs to be traded, it's pretty clear the GM has done a terrible job. So let's fire Holmgren. Then we should fire Luuko for keeping Homer around. Then Snider and Comcast should just fold the team and start over again from scratch, because clearly they'll never win with any roster, just because they haven't won recently. Clearly.

Do tell me what your moves as GM would be. Tell me how you trade everyone but three players and not only IMPROVE the team, but manage to field a full roster without completely draining our already empty prospect pool, while staying under the cap.

Edit: It's stunning that you constantly throw Schenn, Read and Couturier under the bus for being young and unproven. Yet Laughton is the one you want to keep??? Really? He's the youngest and most unproven guy on the team.

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