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01-23-2013, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Giglio NYR15 View Post
Youre just pissy because like every other HF poster thats not from an original 6 team or canadian team with such an inferiority complex...get so defensive. Its not even about manhattan vs phoenix...prices are paid high because fans are willing to go and theres a waiting list for season tickets , and people pay annually to be on that waiting list. I dont screw myself at all, Im a die hard fan, been my whole life, it wasnt my owners fault there was a lockout, wasnt my teams was the fault of bettman protecting teams that cant keep up. Bottom line, its forcing his agenda not realizing he screwed up placing teams in crappy markets. If you cant keep up, you gotta be cut...simple lesson of life that applies to all things.
I think you got me wrong. Hockey is an entertainment option which I happen to enjoy. There are no complexes associated with it - inferiority or other. Once again, if you have such deep rooted dissatisfied with how the NHL is governed, your recourse would be to stop consuming the product.

It seems that your main point of contention is the price you pay compared to the price paid in Phoenix. It's curious that you suggest relocating the franchise would cure this, as the price point for Rangers game would not likely change as a result of moving the Coyotes. Perhaps a better solution for your problem would be you moving to Glendale where you could acquire the product at a lower cost rather than your awkward suggestion that attendees in other markets pay higher rates so you feel less "screwed"

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