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01-23-2013, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Sure it's easy, but it's not easy to be EFFECTIVE, and despite whatever garbage you want to spit out, he was effective.

Also, if you read advanced statistic, you'd realize the hype in PK's case is warranted.
A lot of players are overhyped, sometimes in the wrong, sometimes they prove us right.
Price was overhyped, and he's arguably overpaid, but he's still a great player. Same can be said of PK. Even if you want to say he's overhyped, doesn't mean he's worth half of Prust's salary or isn't great.

As for OEL, I really don't know what you're talking about. Your evaluation is so off. Then again, can't say I'm surprised after the way you speak of PK.
Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
his "simply not that good" teammates where good enough for a run to the EC finals 3 seasons ago, and taking the cup winners to 7 games 2 years ago.

Panthers as a group played above expectations last year, but I wouldn't go nominating that group of dmen as an elite force.

your comments on OEL sum your understanding of hockey up nicely, no need to go any further.

Both of your comments sum up your knowledge of hockey.

Neither of you watch OEL.. you just go by popular opinion.

The Panthers took the cup finalists to 7 games last year too.. it means nothing.

and for you Millertime.. FLA overachieved? MTL's run to the conference final was the definition of overachieving.

Obviously Montreal agrees with me.. or they would be playing Subban right now.

I think an offer of 2 years 3.25 per would be very generous.

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