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01-23-2013, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by cardiffgiant View Post
I don't know about it being part of a code, but I don't have a problem with body shots. You see them all the time. Scott threw one first, earlier in this fight.
I'm definitely not a fan of seeing anyone continue to punching a guy after he goes down.
You are right other than the fact that Scott threw at 2 shots to the ribs first.
Orr figured it was fair game and something he needed to do since Scott was about to beat his face bloody (Scott's helmet was in place, Orr's was off)

My "Sabres Machismo" took a hit when I realized that our first enforcer in a while lost his first NHL and Sabres fight........but looking at the replay, other than taking one punch to the face early, Scott really was in complete control of Orr until Orr stunned him with a shot to the ribs/mid-section.

Scott will be fine. I think Scott will be looking for a rematch with Orr.

Off topic: Wasn't it Joey Kocur who threw the wicked shots to the body?

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