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06-25-2006, 02:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Wild Thing
I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I can't exactly say I'm doing cartwheels here. Apparently Doug didn't happen to catch any playoff games this year, because if he had, he might have noticed that the teams that made it to the finals were fastskating, attacking teams. So what do we do? We draft a big "defensively responsible" kid who can't skate worth a damn. A guy who's described as a "New Jersey Devils-type" of player.

Anyone remember how far the Devils went in the playoffs this year? Me neither. My memory doesn't go back that far. All this talk about the "new NHL" and we draft a guy from the old NHL. I'm usually willing to give Risebrough the benefit of the doubt, but this seems like a really poor choice to me. I may be eating crow three or four years from now, but right now I'm really disappointed with this pick.

I'm not sold on this pick either, but we do need some muscle up front. As for his skating- you might remember a certain Andrew Brunette, even if your memory doesn't go back all that far. If I remember correctly, he was able to adjust to the new NHL just fine, despite the concerns of some top-ranking Wild employees. It's what's upstairs that really counts, if the kid is bright he'll be OK.

Now, on a related topic. Is it my eyes that are failing me, or did we actually draft a 6-foot-7 goalie in the 5th round?

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